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Learn About the Capabilities of Inndesign Inc

The team of professionals at Inndesign Inc has an eye for detail and the experience to bring it all together for our clients. All of us at Inndesign Inc are committed to giving our full attention to your project, and seeing it through to its completion. We have your ultimate satisfaction as our goal. With our many years of experience in kitchen and bath cabinet designs, building and remodeling installations, we make it easy for your dreams to become a reality.

Check out our very experienced staff on our Creative talent page. Each installer and designer boasts over 30 years of experience giving our company combined experience of over 100 years. By putting that experience to work for you, we can offer you virtually any type of project and design that exists. There is no competition between designers or installers here. We work together to make to make a smooth transition through each stage of the remodeling path.
Inndesign Inc

How You Will Benefit from Our Unique Services

It is our desire to meet with you and determine your needs. From there we will measure and inspect your space to gain the information we need to create the project you have in mind. We bring this gathered info back to our office in start designing. All the designers at Inndesign use the ProKitchen program to create easy to visualize drawings that you will view on our 42” monitor our comfortable showroom presentation area. You will pick from our large selection of doors, different types of cabinet constructions, numerous types of countertops, and the largest selection of cabinet hardware in Sarasota. The cost of your project will be determined by what products that you select. Our knowledgeable sales people will help guide you in the direction that will stay within your estimated budget and yet will still reflect creative design and quality products. We work closely with two licensed contractors who will handle any permitting and structural needs you may have and who will oversee all plumbing and electrical needed for your job. Our cabinet installers are all on our staff. We do not use subcontractors for our installations. We are a complete one stop location, either providing for all your needs or making sure we connect you with the people who will. With that said, we are still open to working with your contractor or working with the homeowner who would like to do his or her own project. We are always excited about meeting new people in the remodeling industry.

At Inndesign Inc we work very hard to make your project a reality. Vesta Snell manages the design team that can turn your home into a showplace providing a stress free and exciting journey toward that goal.
Custom Cabinet

Working Within Your Budget

The cost of your new custom cabinet or furniture will depend on the products and materials selected. However, we will always guide you to stay within your budget and never try to upsell you on products you cannot afford. We work closely with two licensed contractors to handle any permitting, structural, plumbing or electrical work. Our cabinet installers are all on staff and we never hire that part of the project out to subcontractors. However, if you have your own contractor or are planning a DIY remodel, we will work within those parameters as well.

Giving Back to the Community

We feel that you must put back into the community as much as you benefit from it and we try to find ways to give back to our local community. Inndesign Inc has participated in projects conducted by the United Way and the Home Builders Association to provide cabinet renovations for people and organizations in need. We provide wood to local churches and daycares for craft projects. We are always keeping our eyes open for people in need to recycle some of the cabinets and appliance that we remove rather than taking them directly to the dump. We are all about repurposing and try to incorporate this into a design or create for what we remove.
Custom Cabinet

Visit Our Showroom Today

We would always prefer you’d call first so we can make sure that the right person you need is available for you. However, if you are in the area and just want to stop in a see our lovely showroom, you are always welcome. Our studio is more of a cottage feel and we want you always feel at home when you are here. Our hours are from 9:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday but we will make special appointments on weekends and evenings when needed.  Please call 941-921-6709 to schedule an appointment. 
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